Why Palmetto Pest Control: Pest Control, Bee Removal and more

A History of Customer Satisfaction…

about us1When Palmetto Pest Control started fulfilling the pest control needs of clients in the 1980’s:

  • Ronald Reagan was President of the United States
  • E.T. was the top-grossing film
  • Gas was 91 cents a gallon
  • The first CD player was sold in Japan

A lot has changed since we first formed Palmetto Pest Control but some very important fundamentals have remained the same. Our focus is still on satisfying the customer. We still utilize products that are safe for people and pets…and extremely effective in eliminating unwanted pests. We still provide a cost-effective service that exceeds customer expectations and the majority of our business still comes from the referrals of clients who trust Palmetto Pest Control.


There is NO substitute!

With over three decades of experience, the pros at Palmetto Pest Control bring skill, industry knowledge and expertise to work for you. For more than thirty years our licensed pest control technicians have been providing careful, comprehensive assessments, designing pest control protocols and administering pet and people-safe treatments. That’s more than thirty years of studying the most common pests and weighing the effectiveness of a variety of procedures and products that have evolved over time.

Businessman pointing with pen on clipboard against bright white room with windowsWe’re Members of the Community

We KNOW the areas we serve

Every geographical location plays hosts to a variety of pests and like any indigenous species; pests behave in specific ways based on their environment. As a local family-owned and operated company servicing communites such as Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Palmetto Bay and the entire greater Miami area, Palmetto Pest Control has the regional understanding and experiential knowledge of indigenous pests necessary to provide not only customized pest elimination solutions but the best ways to eliminate and/or greatly reduce the risk of recurring infestations. This is the kind of local expertise you can’t get with a national chain.


You can count on Palmetto Pest Control

With over 3 decades as a leader in the pest control industry, Palmetto Pest Control does more than deliver promises…we deliver GUARANTEED RESULTS. Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Written Guarantee ensures that when we’re finished you’ll be totally satisfied with the results: no excuses, no exceptions!

Customer-Focused Service

Professionalism you expect…integrity you deserve

At Palmetto Pest Control, our reputation is our most valuable asset and we guard it jealously. That means we go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction:

  • We will re-service your home in between scheduled visits at no additional cost if requested
  • Rapid Response: call back w/in 2 business hours, on-site w/in 48 hours
  • Free Inspections
  • 30 day money back guarantee for all commercial contracts
  • Pet & People-Safe Applications
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Employees Well-dressed and Easily Identified for Your Safety and Security