Cutler Bay, Kendall, Palmetto Bay, FL Termite treatment

Effective termite treatment and control

Termites, ants and swarmers can damage your property but are also a nuisance. Palmetto Pest Control offers effective termite treatment in Miami, Kendall and Homestead. Your home attracts termites because it offers conditions that can allow them to flourish. For example, you home is a source of cellulose food that termites feed on.

There are different tell-tale signs of a termite infection. These include:

  • Visuals sightings of terminates and ants
  • Cracked paint caused by droppings
  • Discarded wings from swarmers
  • Sawdust coming from ceilings or cracks

Termite treatment can involve fumigation and the use of chemicals, liquid treatments, bait stations as well as dealing with moisture, debris, entry points and food sources. When you call a pest control company a technician will do a site inspection and evaluation of possible infestations. The technician will then advise you regarding a termite treatment and control plan.

Termite treatment might be in the form of fumigation. You may need to leave your home for a while if fumigation is required. Liquid termite treatments can also be used to prevent termites from entering parts of your home. Bait stations are another form of termite treatment.

However, you also want to prevent future infestations. This means you need to address moisture, access issues and food sources. Leaking pipes and faucets should be repaired. Gutters should be kept clean and free of debris and standing water should be removed. Entry points into water and utility pipes should be sealed. You should also screen off outdoor vents. You should also look at possible food sources such as wood, lumber, paper and debris.

Your pest control company will help with termite treatment as well as control and prevention. Annual inspections should also be conducted to ensure there is no re-infestation. This way you can protect your home against possible damage and also get rid of the nuisance factor.