Rodent Control Miami

Miami rodent issues are not a rare problem. These issue tend to affect commercial and residential areas alike. Florida is a state that sees constant rain showers, and the resulting pools of water can cause rodents to shelter wherever they can find room. When the safest place happens to be your home, this is where issues begin. Hiring a professional pest control service may be your best option to handle any rodent issues that crop up.

Rodents Issues

Miami rodents are adaptable, small, and capable of hosting several diseases and parasites. These diseases and parasites spread through shedded fur, droppings, or general contact with the surfaces in a home. Different kinds of rodents can cause different issues, but they all tend to chew their way through wood, cardboard, and insulation. The focus of rodent issues will depend on the location of a nest.

How Rodents Choose Where to Nest

When rodents nest, they usually do so in pursuit of safety and resources. They will look for a hidden area that has whatever they need within reach. Most rodents do not usually journey far from their nests. The pests will most likely nest in places like garages, sheds, or attics. Miami buildings are especially attractive to rodents due to their ability to help shelter nests from storms or water.

Identifying the Rodents

Depending on the rodent, pest control may need to alter their approach to clearing a home of the nests. Miami pests all have similar food and shelter needs, but pest control has different methods of approaching them. While one pest may squeeze through cracks, another may be able to hop through trees. Identifying the rodents that are causing any issues is an important first step to clearing your home of pests.


Rat infestations can be problematic due to the rodent’s natural intelligence. Rats are among the smartest of pests and tend to hide in hard-to-reach places. Rats are infamous for the types of diseases and parasites they can carry in their fur.


Mice are smaller and able to fit into tighter spaces than other rodents can. Miami rodents like mice and rats seek out the same sort of necessities to feed and build nests. Like rats, a mouse’s fur and droppings can carry disease and parasites.


While rats and mice come from below, squirrels can make nests high above. The rodents can make their nests up high in trees, chimneys and attics alike. They come with the same nuisance diseases and parasites as other rodents as well as the additional ability to raid bird feeders too. Some squirrel species are federally protected, so be sure to talk to a Miami pest control specialist before taking action to get rid of any squirrels.

Preventing Rodent Nests

A Miami residence can stop rodent infestations by denying them the resources they are looking for. Rodents usually make nests in homes to stay dry from floods or find food. Seal up the possible entrances they may use and make sure your food storage is tightly secured. Any materials a rodent could use to form a nest should also be checked and secured to prevent the rodents from chewing them up and taking them.

Rodent Nests in a Home

While rodents may hide their nests intentionally, there are always signs to be on the lookout for. Rodent droppings and fur are a sign that a larger nest may be near. If you suspect that this may be the case, do not hesitate to call a rodent specialist. Do not approach a potential nest without proper knowledge and equipment as it may be dangerous.

Palmetto Pest Control Serves Clients in the Miami Area

Rodents need to be handled before they become a problem for your home. Take action and hire a professional to take care of any rodent issues. With professional help, you can make sure that future rodents think twice before choosing your home to nest in. Contact us today to make your home pest-free.

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