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Rodent problems in Florida are an issue that affects commercial areas and homes alike. The small pests are infamous for their ability to squeeze through the smallest of spaces in order to build their nests. Afterwards, they can quickly eat your food and chew through furniture. It is in your best interests to handle the issue sooner than later to prevent rodents from running rampant in your home.

Rodents in Your Home

The average Fort Lauderdale rodent is capable of carrying several diseases and parasites in their fur. They can spread the problem through their droppings and through coming into contact with any surfaces in a home. This can cause further issues if there is an allergic reaction to fur. The nest location determines what resources they have access to such as food or chewable materials for their nests.

How Rodents Choose Where to Nest

Rodents are small, adaptive creatures that can build a nest in the strangest places. Generally, rodents pick out areas with the easiest access to the resources they need. Food and materials for their nests are top priorities so a rat’s nest can usually be found around garbage or recycling piles.


Fort Lauderdale buildings are considered especially viable spots for nests. Florida downpours can flood certain areas, leading to rats seeking out drier spaces. Residential areas, occupied or otherwise, are a perfect match for their needs.

Identifying the Rodents

Different rodents have various types of instincts, changing the way that they should be approached. Fort Lauderdale pests all share in the potential harm they can cause a home. It is important to identify the problem rodent first, before creating a plan for how to rid a residence of the infestation.


Rats are naturally intelligent animals that have a tendency to learn fairly quickly. They can identify traps and usually pick out-of-the-way spots to nest in. Their fur can carry diseases and ticks alike, which can spread through shedded fur and droppings.



Mice are not as intelligent as rats, but are smaller and can fit into tighter spaces. They have the same needs as most rodents do: looking for food and nesting materials. Mouse fur and droppings can cause plenty of issues around the house. A mouse’s nest can grow quickly, unless you take steps to handle the problem.


Squirrels are among the more agile and athletic rodents you can find nesting in or around a residence. Their ability to climb and jump lets them build their nests in high, hard-to-reach places. Their agility also gives them the ability to raid bird feeders and other unlikely food sources. Squirrel fur is just as troublesome as rat or mice fur because it is equally capable of carrying parasites or disease. Be sure to talk to a professional or wildlife control about squirrel removal before attempting removal yourself. Some squirrel species are under federal protection.

Preventing Rodent Nests

Fort Lauderdale residences are prone to rodent infestations due to their ability to shelter the pests from bad weather. They are also capable of providing the food and resources rodents need. This means that in order to prevent an infestation, it is wise to block any entrances rodents may use to enter a home.


Food sources should also be protected and sealed in hardy containers that pests will not be able to chew through. Certain materials like cardboard should be protected as well to prevent them being used for any nests.

Rodent Nests in a Home

A rodent’s nest may not be easy to predict or notice, but there are certain signs to keep in mind. Rodents in Fort Lauderdale usually nest in dry, hidden areas. You can see if they leave anything behind like droppings or fur. If you suspect that rodents have made a nest on your property, be sure to call a professional. Do not approach a nest without proper experience or equipment to provide adequate protection.

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Handle rodents before they become an issue for you. Palmetto Pest Control takes the time to remove rodents and their nests from your home. With professional action, no remnant of the nest will remain. This lowers the chances of rodents sniffing out past nests and deciding to replicate the nest themselves. Contact us today to discuss prevention and mitigation options for making your home pest free.

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