Bee Removal Miami

Wild bees are an issue for Miami residents, nesting in residential and commercial areas. There are plenty of efforts made to contain the problems caused by bees in Miami, but the occasional hive still crops up from time to time. If you suspect or see that a hive has cropped up near your home, be sure to take swift action. A Miami bee removal specialist can take care of a beehive before it becomes an issue.

Miami Beehives

In recent years, Florida has seen a rise in issues concerning the spread of Africanized bees. These types of bees are generally more aggressive and territorial than the other kinds. In Miami, most wild bee hives have a high chance of containing strains of the African genes. Bees are made more temperamental when exposed to warm, moist environments like those of Miami. Weather during the spring, summer, and fall tends to make hives particularly aggressive, no matter where their hive is.

Where Bees Build Their Hives in Miami

Bee scouts cover large areas in search of cool, dry spaces where a hive may be built. Miami’s warm, moist climate usually forces bees to build hives in trees, sheds, garages, under porches, or even underground. Bees are adaptable and their hives are tough, typically lasting several years at a time unless they are properly removed. Therefore, it is in your best interest to try and prevent a hive from forming in the first place.

Protecting Your Miami Property from Bees

Scout bees can be deterred from your house by taking some simple precautions. You can look around your property and make sure any small openings are sealed up to prevent bees from squeezing in. Hollow trees or even cavernous parts of the ground should be checked as well.


If there signs of a hive, be sure to take caution and tread carefully. Look, listen, and check for a hive without putting yourself in the position where you could potentially disturb it. If you or a loved one is allergic to bee stings, you should take precautions for that as well. Talk to a doctor about buying a sting kit for your property in case of emergency.

Finding a Hive

If you actually see a beehive on your property, the next step is to take precautions. Do not approach the hive, and especially do not attempt to remove it without any experience or equipment. Check and see if you are able to identify insects inside the hive. What may appear to be a bee hive may actually belong to a different type of animal. Flying insects have differing reactions to humans, but you should treat them with care regardless. A Miami pest control professional should be contacted immediately in order to remove the hive.

A Disturbed Hive

If you disturb a hive, immediate action will be necessary. Leave the area as soon as possible and be sure to protect your face and airways. Seek out the nearest shelter and do not swat at the swarm. Bees react to sudden movements and aggression, meaning that they will leave you alone unless further provoked. If you are stung, it is best to treat the injury as soon as possible.

Bee Stings

A bee sting is painful and causes the skin to swell. The welts left behind are a product of bee venom, which should be treated as soon as possible. You need to remove the stingers from the skin by scraping them off, and then wash the affected area with soap and water.  If you have allergies, use a sting kit, call 911, and seek out medical help.

Palmetto Pest Control Works for Clients in the Miami Area

A beehive in your home should be addressed as soon as possible. However, removing a hive is a thorough process that must be done properly. If any part of the hive is left behind, it could attract new scout bees and the problem could resurge again. Palmetto Pest Control takes care of the problem and ensures that a hive is fully taken care off. Stop the problem now by contacting us for your bee removal needs today.

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