Bee Removal Fort Lauderdale

Florida is home to over 300 species of bee that assist the state’s pollination and agricultural efforts. Most nest are controlled and do not interfere with human affairs, but wild bees can become an issue for any commercial or residential property in Fort Lauderdale. It is important to handle the issue quickly in order to avoid the pests causing any damage to property or persons. You can hire a Fort Lauderdale bee removal specialist to help take care of the problem before it becomes worse.

Fort Lauderdale Beehives

Fort Lauderdale faces issues with certain varieties of bees that have been growing within Florida over the years. One of the main issues property owners face is the spread of africanized bees. Africanized bees are generally very aggressive and territorial. This is made worse when they are exposed to Fort Lauderdale’s warm, moist air, which is disagreeable to them.


Wild honey bees have a high chance of having African bee genes, so caution is advised. Wild bees are adaptive pests that are capable of creating beehives in the most unexpected places.

How Bees Choose a Location to Build a Hive

Bee scouts spread over large areas in Fort Lauderdale looking for a suitable nesting ground to build a hive. Bees are not comfortable in Fort Lauderdale’s warm, moist air, so they usually seek out cool, dry areas. Common places to find a beehive are under porches or in sheds and garages. Bees are adaptable, but if you follow some easy steps, they can be forced to choose somewhere else to nest.

Protecting Your Fort Lauderdale Property from Bees

Stopping bees from building a hive on your property requires a few easy precautions. You will need to look around your property for any areas bees might find comfortable. Shelter with small openings, hollow trees, or even hollows in the ground may be considered a suitable place for a bee hive. You should be sure to check during the time period between spring and fall; this is the peak swarming season in Florida due to the weather.


If you suspect that there may be a hive on or near your property then be careful when making sure. You need to listen carefully, and be on the lookout for signs of a potential hive. For areas prone to hosting hives, it may be worth talking to a doctor about investing in a sting kit.

What to Do if You Find a Hive

If you actually find a hive, be cautious, but do not panic. Check the hive from a safe distance and try to avoid exasperating its residents. Do not attempt to remove the hive without the proper equipment or training. Call a Fort Lauderdale pest control professional in order to remove the hive safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Disturbing a Colony

If a hive is disturbed, you will need to take action quickly. You and anyone around you will need to evacuate the area as soon as possible. You need to be sure to protect your face and airways before finding shelter from a swarm. A swarm is made more aggressive with sudden movements, so do not swat or try to attack it. If you or another person is stung, treat the injury as soon as possible. In the case of multiple stings or an allergic reaction, you may need to call 911 for help.

Bee Stings

Bee stings are infamously painful, leaving swelling and welts behind. You will need to stop the venom from spreading by removing the stingers. Stingers are removable by scraping them from your skin. Afterwards, be sure to wash the area with soap and water. In case of allergies, use a sting kit, call 911, and seek out medical assistance as soon as possible.

Palmetto Pest Control Works for Clients in the Fort Lauderdale Area

Finding a beehive in your home is a quick fix when you call Palmetto Pest Control. When a non-professional removes a hive, they may leave behind honeycomb or honey that attracts scout bees back to the site. Palmetto Pest Control fully eliminates a hive’s presence and cleans the area, leaving no trace behind. Keep your property pest free and call our specialized services today.

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