Bee Removal

Bees are not fickle about where to live and are known to build hives in the strangest places. A beehive can be created fairly quickly, so it is urgent that you take swift action to deal with a bee problem. If you act fast enough, a hive can be fully removed before it becomes a major issue.

The Dangers of Beehives

Bees are notorious for their tendency to sting what they perceive as threats and intruders. Bee stings are painful and can leave welts that swell and itch. The more stings you endure, the worse the reaction. If a victim is allergic to bee stings, the reaction ranges from irritating to possibly fatal.

How Bees Choose a Location to Build a Hive

Bees find new hive locations by spreading out a series of scouts over an area. The scouts fit into small openings and usually choose cool, dry areas such as under porches or in sheds and garages. Luckily, these scouts can be stopped or rebuffed with some easy precautions.

Protecting Your Home from Bees

In order to stop bees from taking root in a home, you’ll need to take some simple steps. Check your home and make sure to cover any openings larger than an eighth of an inch. Peak swarming season is from the spring through fall, so be careful for any signs of a hive. If you do suspect any sort of hive is nearby, listen for buzzing, be on the lookout for visible bees, and check an area before making any loud noises. If you or someone you know is allergic to bee stings, check with a doctor about buying a sting kit.

What to Do if You Find a Hive

If you do find a hive on your property, take extreme caution. Check a hive from a safe distance with plenty of protection. Different types of flying pests make hives, but most of them can easily be mistaken for bees by the layperson. You should treat a hive with caution regardless of the animal inside and only take appropriate action with a certified pest control professional.

Disturbing a Colony

If you have already disturbed the hive, you will need to act quickly. Leave the area as soon as possible, protecting your face and breathing airways. Take care not to swat at the swarm; sudden movements only increase aggression. Find shelter in an enclosed area and make sure to treat stings. If someone else is being swarmed, call 911 to secure help for them.

Bee Stings

If you have a been stung, you will need to act fast to stop any of the venom from spreading. Scrape the stingers from your skin and then wash the site with soap and water. Applying ice will cool down the sting area and reduce swelling. If you are allergic, use a sting kit, call 911, and procure medical assistance immediately.

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